Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness,while vascular health is the safe guard of your life.
Want to know how healthy your blood vessels are? Now it only takes five minutes to know if you are a high-risk group of stroke. PulStroke® uses non-invasive, non-contact imaging technology to provide professional and reliable rapid detection for potential risk groups. We are hoping to come up with preventive technologies that could detect stroke risk at earlier stage for general public with simplicity, convenience, and affordable cost.
One press to discover stenosis, one scan to prevent stroke.


We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Preventive Healthcare Practice

Provide early warning for the general population, sub-health, and family genetic disease history to prevent potential cardiovascular diseases.

Health Trend Analysis

Establish long-term inspection and track records and raise awareness of health maintenance through trend analysis.

Community Health services

We plan to cooperate with major chain pharmacies, clinics, and healthcare centers, putting PulStroke® at key locations for providing service to local communities.

The National Taiwan University Team, led by cardiovascular specialists, professors, and clinicians, pioneering new frontiers in global healthcare.
Prof. Hsiao, the founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Pulxion Medical Technology, concurrently holds the esteemed Professor position in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Taiwan University. He previously held a key R&D role at Abbott's Cardiovascular Division in the U.S., contributing to the development of innovative vascular stents like XIENCE and BVS.

Prof. Hsiao's unwavering dedication to advancing cardiovascular technologies has garnered a series of prestigious awards:
In 2016, he was the recipient of the distinguished "13th National Innovation Award" from the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, including the event's highest honor, the "Best Industry Benefit Award“.
In 2020, he was honored with the esteemed "Future Tech Awards" by the Ministry of Science and Technology, with continuous collaboration with Prof. Hsien Li Kao of National Taiwan University Hospital.

Realize personalized mobile hospital.

We are committed to achieving personalized home healthcare;
Popularize cardiovascular health knowledge and establish an early warning mechanism for stroke.

Pulxion Medical Technology was selected as the
Top 100 New Venture Companies in Taiwan;
at the 2021 CES Consumer Electronics Show in Taiwan.